Hey girl, 

Ready to amp up your self-care game? 

I help women overcome their emotional and spiritual barriers to self-care by teaching them how to be a pro at self-awareness and navigating their emotions, and helping them create a holistic and integrated self-care practice they can implement all day,  every day.  
#Self-Care Warrior Queen Program

Self-navigated 12-lesson course where you will learn about how to identify your own emotional and spiritual barriers to self-care and how to overcome them through holistic & integrative self-care practices.


1:1 coaching & consultation

In the words of Jack Johnson, “It’s always better when we’re together”…well, working together that is. There is no better way to become a pro at self-care than having someone support you and guide you along the way.


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How to become a badass at daily self-care

And no longer put yourself & your health last.
Girl, I got you

Learning to prioritize ourselves and take care of ourselves amidst the distractions of adulting is hard. That’s why I’m here to help you identify and tackle those underlying barriers to your self-care and develop a unique and individualized self-care practice that is enjoyable and intuitive to you. Oh, and to keep you on track and accountable so you can become that empowered bad ass you were always meant to be.

Are you ready to go from burnt out & exhausted


energized, empowered, & confident?

If you are ready to take that step in learning how to let go of those draining thoughts & behaviors that keep your self-care practices from nourishing you as they should, become a #self-care warrior queen!

What is it?

Awakened Holistic Health is a movement towards an empowered and authentic way of living through mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I believe that most of the negative emotions we feel stem from a fragmented relationship with ourselves, and a lack of self-exploration and understanding. I work with my clients during the critical time in which these events are most evident. I help them deepen their self-awareness and independence during this period of their life with a sense of ease and empowerment.