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Let’s Work Together

I’m Melina, your self-care coach and educator. I help amazing and empowering women overcome their emotional and spiritual barriers to self-care by teaching them how to be a pro at self-awareness and navigating their emotions. I will help you create a holistic and integrated self-care practice that you can implement every day.

I love helping women like you regain your personal power back by building a healthier relationship with yourself and reminding you of the value of making yourself and your health your top priority in your life.

My goal as your coach is to help you manage your emotions, in the best way possible. I am your advocate by helping you heal the emotional and spiritual wounds that are getting in the way of you nourishing yourself.

Become that badass, resilient woman who feels confident and at peace in her authenticity. The first step is to secure your spot now – spots are limited.

What is the difference between the self-care warrior queen program and working together 1:1?

Self-Care Warrior Queen E-Course

  • A self-navigated e-course focused on teaching you how to identify your own emotional and spiritual barriers to self-care and how to overcome them through self-care practices
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen private Facebook group
  • One coaching & consultation session
  • 1-time payment of $197 for full access to the course & its contents
Working Together 1:1

  • 1:1 coaching & consultation to help you identify and overcome your barriers to self-care, and developing an individualized and holistic self-care practice
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen program
  • Weekly 1:1 support in helping you work through the e-course contents and keep you accountable to work through your self-care plan
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen private Facebook group
  • Group coaching
  • Payment based on 1 of 3 packages that fit where you currently are in your emotional and spiritual healing and self-care practices

self-Care Warrior Queen Coaching Plans

Accountability Package

3-month membership Includes:
  • 12 (50-minute) sessions & 15 min follow up with each session 
  • Full access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen E-Course 
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen private Facebook group 
  • Group Coaching 


Awakened Package

6-month membership Includes:
  • 24 (50-minute) sessions & 15 min follow up with each session
  • Full access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen E-Course
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen private Facebook group
  • Group Coaching
  • Up to $200 worth of healing sessions (from the community healer(s) of your choice)

Enlightened Package

12-month membership Includes:
  • 48 (50-minute) sessions & 15 min follow up with each session
  • Full access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen E-Course
  • Access to the Self-Care Warrior Queen private Facebook group
  • Group Coaching
  • Up to $400 worth of healing sessions (from the community healer(s) of your choice)

How it Works

Apply to work together

It’s important for me to provide each of my clients with the utmost time and focus when working with them, so spots to working 1:1 are limited to 30 spots at one time. Once your form has been approved, I will reach out to you within 24 ours & schedule your free 30-minute call. 

Schedule a 1:1

Once your application has been approved, we’ll have a 30-minute call on the phone or through video to discover more about you as a person, your self-care practices, and current barriers to your self-care.

Choosing the Right Plan

During our call, I will make recommendations as to what I feel is the best plan for you based on your knowledge & application of self-care practices and your readiness to commit to making changes and self-growth 

Reach Your Goals

During our first official call, we will discuss a plan and your goals for the program and start going to work!

My approach 

During your journey, I listen for mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, patterns, and strengths you are currently not seeing. From this, we collaborate on a plan with goals that you would like to accomplish based on how you would like to feel and what you would like your life to look like.

It is important for you to gain and strengthen skills that will help empower and become your greatest advocate during the healing process. Therefore, I use a holistic, collaborative, and empathic approach to help you build a healthier relationship with yourself. I do this by providing you with insight, guidance, and understanding on the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that are coming to the surface.

I also teach you valuable emotional intelligence and wellness skills that will help you foster introspection, self-awareness, and emotional management outside of our sessions so that you may navigate this period of your life with a sense of empowerment and ease.

Because I value an integrated and holistic approach to emotional wellness, I connect you with other professionals who share my approach to individualized holistic health during special times, to help facilitate your healing at a physical and spiritual level.


Throughout the years I have seen therapists on and off, and frankly, it always felt like a waste of money and time, and the journey left me disappointed, undervalued and underwhelmed. Melina and I met in graduate school, and since then I had kept track of her career from afar, and when I saw that she was launching her own business providing coaching and behavioral health support, I was very excited to see her growth. Fast forward to a moment in my life when I felt like I needed to make the effort, one more time, to find a therapist. But this time it was different—I knew that I needed someone who looked like me, could provide culturally congruent care and was able to offer a decolonized space to heal. I reached out to Melina, and it has been the best decision I have made in life. I am 34 years old, and for the first time ever, I feel like I have been able to heal from the wounds of my childhood and make significant changes toward mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The fact that everything can be done virtually is extremely convenient, given that I live in Michigan. In Melina, I found the support I needed to become the best version of myself, and this will probably be a lifelong relationship. 


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